Fancy Feet Network, established in  1991, is an organization focusing on contemporary issues facing women. The organization was founded by Deborrah Gilbert, single mother, entrepreneur and ceo,  in response to key gaps in policies, educational and economic resources relevant to the success and empowerment of  young teen girls and women in underserved communities.  The Fancy Feet Network aims to reduce barriers, create pathways to mentorship and promotes positive imaging, self-sufficiency, economic empowerment and financial literacy for its members.  Positive outcome goals include reversing the negative long-term effects on leadership and the well-being of future generations of teen girls and women.

Dee’s personal observations, experiences and rise from tragedy taught her the value of  “right-relationships”, support systems, spiritual strength, and developed her resilience and courage to succeed.  When there was no other way but up, focused determination and inspiration set her on a path to establish the organization on behalf of women and empowerment issues.

“Economic and entrepreneurship success is only part of our mission.  At at the heart of the Fancy Feet Network is the expression of The Empowered Woman“, states Deborrah Gilbert, chairwoman and director.  Strategically aligned with like-minded professionals and organizations in support of education, community health, safety, wellness and economic development, the Fancy Feet Network is committed to empowerment and the preservation of growth, dignity, and grace through life’s inevitable process of change.

Fancy Feet Network guides and mentors individuals by cultivating a dynamic resource network. “We encourage our members to reach their highest potential by delivering services to improve their educational,  economic, career, and business opportunities through community engagement, service learning, education,  activities, programs, and a host of interactive discussion, seminar and wellness expo events.”

Fancy Feet Network raises awareness, bridges resource gaps and creates access through experts and resources  reflecting rich cultural diversity, community wellness and global perspectives. The mission is supported by  professionals, volunteers and mentors from a strategic network of successful talent, skilled consultants, entrepreneurs, corporate and social service experts including small business owners from the financial, health, housing, fashion, beauty, arts, green, science, entertainment, e-consultants and internet technology industries.

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